Letter to self.


Stop depending on people for validation, you’re enough. Do your thing and live your life.A whole lot of people don’t even notice you, why should you then make yourself unhappy?Shoot your shots, say what you want, say how you feel, ask for what you would love to have. It isn’t your fault if people reject or don’t give you attention, they may be having a bad life, be patient...

start early


“2020 has been a year with a lot of happenings. It marks the end of a decade. Reflect on things you can be better at. Remember a ten-year goal needs to be worked on early at the start of a decade.— SOLOMON ABOYEJI



We are all queens and kings in our own space. Do not let anyone’s actions or in-actions make you feel less. You are endowed with the iota of elements needed to initiate a breakthrough, allowing someone else to take this away from you is already a disaster to yourself.SOLOMON ABOYEJI